Sacked Conservative councillor loses seat

A former Chichester councillor sacked by the Conservatives for making racist remarks about school children set to board in his village has lost his council seat.

John Cherry, who apologised for the remarks published in the Mail on Sunday last month, lost his seat to independent Gordon McAra.

Former councillor John Cherry.

Mr McAra polled 864 votes in the Midhurst division to Mr Cherry's 742.

Mr Cherry, who was on the ballot paper as a Conservative despite leaving the party, drew condemnation after claiming that Pakistani children, unlike those from Indian or Chinese backgrounds, would fail to "rise to the top" and some nationalities were "uncertain" what hard work is about.

The ex-Chichester councillor was responding to proposals by a south London academy to open an Eton-style boarding school in the West Sussex countryside.He warned that the children, who he said would be "97% black or Asian", would want to "escape into the forest - it will be a sexual volcano".

But after being heavily criticised for the comments, Mr Cherry resigned from the Conservative Party and apologised. He said the comments were "plainly wrong".