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Israel 'confirm' Syria air strike

Israel has carried out an air strike on Syria targeting a shipment of advanced missiles, officials said. Meanwhile, in a rare appearance, President Bashar al-Assad visited an university in Damascus today.

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'If we leap before looking there is a price' says Obama

President Barack Obama has said the US expects to find more evidence of the use of chemical weapons in Syria, but warned that rushing into the conflict could cause problems on the ground.

Obama added that the US is already engaged, on a day-to day basis, in trying to deal with the crisis

He said the US is investigating to "get a better handle on the facts inside of Syria".

Speaking at in press conference in Costa Rica, Obama added: "If there is the kind of systematic use of chemical weapons inside of Syria - we expect that we are going get additional, further evidence - at that point we will present that to the international community".

He went on to warn: "When we rush into things, when we leap before we look, then not only do we pay a price, but often times we see unintended consequences on the ground. It's important for us to do it right."

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