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Airstrike on Syria 'kills 42'

An Israeli airstrike on a military complex near Damascus killed at least 42 Syrian soldiers, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

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Egypt condemns 'Israeli air strikes' against Syria

Egypt's president has condemned reported Israeli air strikes against Syria, calling them a violation of international law and warned they complicate the ongoing crisis in the country.

A statement from President Mohamed Morsi's office said Egypt "strongly objects" to the bloodshed and the use of Syria's military against its people.

Explosion at what is said to be a weapons cache belonging to the Syrian airforce. Credit: Reuters TV

But Egypt also rejects the violation of Syrian sovereignty and "exploiting its internal crisis under whatever pretext". It said the Israeli attacks "increase the complexity of the situation".

Morsi's office said the attacks are a "real test" for the international community's commitment to respecting international law.

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