Survey: Shop staff offering help 'annoying'

Most Britons find the "robotic" shopping culture of sales staff asking if they want help a turn-off, a consumer help website has found.

Two-thirds of shoppers (68%) find offers of assistance from pushy staff "annoying", according to a survey of more than 11,000 people by

This group said that they would rather be left alone to browse than asked: "Can I help you?" by an overly-zealous member of staff.

The survey found a majority of shoppers prefer to be left alone to browse.

However, one fifth of those surveyed (19%) thought there was no harm in being approached and said it saved them having to seek out help.

Martin Lewis, creator of, said: "It seems Brits are rejecting the seeming robotisation of shopping, and prefer staff to give help when they're asked rather than pouncing as soon as we cross the threshold".


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