FIFA begins battle against racism

Referees could be given the power to lead players from the pitch and points could be deducted from offending teams under new Fifa anti-racism proposals.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter. Credit: PA

The Anti-racism and discrimination taskforce, featuring English referee Howard Webb, and ex-Football Association chairman David Bernstein, will hold a meeting in Zurich today.

Stronger punishments for racial abuse and deterring repeat offenders are thought to be the hot topics.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has admitted fining a guilty player isn’t enough of a deterrent to stop future incidents of racist abuse.

He wants points deductions introduced, and has asked vice-president Jeffrey Webb to formulate sanctions as soon as possible

According to UEFA, the current sanctions for racism will be a ten-match ban and possible closure of the stadium in extreme cases.

The Football Association are looking at introducing their own disciplinary action for racism after being criticised for giving a lenient punishment to a guilty member previously.

FIFA will officially present the proposals at a FIFA Congress in Mauritius on 30-31 May.