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Migrant curbs in Queen's Speech

Measures to tackle immigration are among the measures unveiled in the Queen's Speech, as the Government unveils its legislative plans this coming year.

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Cooper slams immigration measures in Queen's Speech

The immigration measures in the Queen's Speech don't tackle important issues on exploitation and illegal immigration.

We support many of the measures promised, though of course we will scrutinise the detail, but it appears their impact will be limited.

The Government is still not tackling the exploitation of foreign workers, leading to the undercutting of local workers.

There is nothing to improve enforcement of the national minimum wage, no action on agencies recruiting only from abroad, nothing to improve training for local workers for sectors recruiting heavily from abroad, no action to extend the gangmasters licensing legislation, and nothing to deal with slum landlords using overcrowded housing to recoup labour costs.

– Yvette Cooper, Shadow home secretary

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