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Minister hosts farming summit

A landmark summit will be held by Environment Secretary Owen Paterson to help farmers after a "particularly tough" year. Ways of improving farmers' access to financial support after a year of bad weather will be discussed.

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Could the British weather be getting wetter?

Environment Secretary Owen Paterson will host a summit for farming representatives, charities and banks to discuss the effects of last year's bad weather on the industry.

Following the second wettest year since records began, farmers have warned that heavy rainfall could affect the price of food.

Long-term averages of 30-year periods show an increase in annual rainfall of about 5% from 1961-1990 to 1981-2010:

  • 1961-1990: 1100.6mm
  • 1971-2000: 1126.1mm
  • 1981-2010: 1154.0mm

Source: Met Office

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