Imran Khan 'suffered four fractures' in stage fall

CNN's Pakistan correspondent Saima Mohsin says Imran Khan is making "steady progress" after suffering four fractures in a fall yesterday.


Press con: #ImranKhan making steady progress, in full control of all limbs. DRs happy w progress but he needs complete rest & immobilisation


#ImranKhan suffers 4 fractures - left rib, C3 (neck) T7, T5 (mid back) Doctors say he'll make a full recovery #PTI #election2013 #Pakistan


3 guards fell with #ImranKhan - Shafiq, Nazir, Riaz. 2 have been released from hospital. 1 needs surgery to ankle


Imran Khan: 'I'm improving fast'

Pakistan politician Imran Khan has tweeted that "I am improving fast" after suffering four fractures after his fall at a rally.