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Migrant curbs in Queen's Speech

Measures to tackle immigration are among the measures unveiled in the Queen's Speech, as the Government unveils its legislative plans this coming year.

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Coalition unveils new immigration bill

The government will outline their plans to reduce migration during the Queen's Speech today by introducing a new Immigration Bill that will limit the rights of immigrants to access the NHS and fine businesses found exploiting illegal labour. The Bill will include the following measures:

  • Private landlords will face finds if they fail to check on the immigration status of tenants
  • Substantial fines will be imposed on businesses hiring illegal immigrants
  • Incomers' access to NHS services will be regulated
  • Temporary migrants will be expected to make a contribution

The Bill will write into law the government's policy of ensuring Article 8 of the Human Right's Act, the right to family life, is not abused and courts balance the crime against the perpetrator's right to remain in the country.

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