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Prisoner probation plan attacked

Senior probation officers have criticised the Government's plans for every offender leaving prison to serve a minimum of 12 months under supervision in the community.

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Important we have 'some kind of control' over ex-prisoners

Prisons minister, Jeremy Wright said new prison reform plans are aimed at "making sure people turn their lives around".

Offenders leaving prison could soon serve at least a year under supervision once they are back in the community.

Under the proposals, a network of around 70 "resettlement prisons" will be created so nearly all offenders will be released into the area in which they will live and be supervised.

Speaking to Daybreak he said: "We want to make sure that [ex-prisoners] stay in one place long enough to engage in the rehabilitation that they need", he added, "its important that we have some kind of control over them".

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