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Surge in abandoned 111 calls

The extent of the new NHS non-emergency advice line's problems have been highlighted by a rise in abandoned calls. The number of people who hung up after waiting for more than 30 seconds increased to 29,100 in March, according to NHS figures.

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Minister: NHS 111 'working well in some areas'

Public Health Minister Anna Soubry told ITV News, "We know we have had a problem with 111 in some areas. In some areas it's working well, in some areas not so well".

Public Health Minister Anna Soubry. Credit: ITV News

The Conservative MP said, "We need to learn from that and we need to make sure that we have a proper service so we know people are getting good advice so they know where to go to to get the best treatment, to get the best remedy, but without putting pressure on A&E that it doesn't need to have"

Ms Soubry said over a million more people going to A&E departments every year, which is causing "a lot of difficulties".

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