1. Carl Dinnen

David Cameron meets Vladimir Putin to discuss Syria

David Cameron meets the Russian President in the sub tropical Black Sea resort of Sochi today.

Amidst the palm trees you’d never believe this place is hosting the Winter Olympics next year. There will be some talk about the G8 meeting in Fermanagh but the real business is Syria and on that they are far apart.

This week the UK circulated a document suggesting options to lift the EU arms embargo in order to supply weapons to the Syrian rebels.

At the same time Russia is arming the Assad regime and there’s even talk of selling them sophisticated anti aircraft missiles. Mr Cameron and President Putin seem to be fast heading in opposite directions on Syria.

There may be a glimmer of hope however in the prospect of a possible peace conference agreed between the US and Russia in the last few days. But even here there is division on whether the end of the Assad regime can be a precondition to talks.

So the Prime Minister has his work cut out in sunny Sochi to come away with anything that looks like a meeting of minds.