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Surge in abandoned 111 calls

The extent of the new NHS non-emergency advice line's problems have been highlighted by a rise in abandoned calls. The number of people who hung up after waiting for more than 30 seconds increased to 29,100 in March, according to NHS figures.

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Latest NHS 111 helpline figures up to March

The latest call statistics for calls to the NHS 111 service have been released by NHS England for the 22 sites providing the service and able to provide date at this time.

The main findings up to and including March were:

  • In March, there were 360,526 calls to the 111 service, with 89% of these calls from people directly dialling 111.
  • 84% of answered calls made to NHS111 were answered within 60 seconds. Of all calls offered 8% were abandoned after waiting longer than 30 seconds.
  • Average length of a call was 11 minutes 26 seconds
  • On average 21% of call time was handled by clinical staff for all calls up to and including March. Up to February it was 29%.
  • 92% of callers were said to be very or fairly satisfied with their NHS 111 experience.

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