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'Bedroom tax' cited after suicide

The Coalition's so-called bedroom tax has been called into question after the family of a woman who blamed the Government for her death in a suicide note said she was struggling to cope with paying the controversial spare room subsidy.

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Balls: 'Bedroom tax' is driving people to edge of despair

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls has said "there is no doubt" the Government's controversial "bedroom tax" is driving people to "the edge of despair".

Mr Balls was commenting after a family of a woman who committed suicide blamed the pressure of the tax for contributing to her death.

"There is no doubt that this policy is driving people to the edge of despair in their many thousands across the country," Mr Balls told Sky News.

He said: "David Cameron and George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith should stand back from the rhetoric, which is always a little bit nasty and a little bit divisive, and say: 'What are we actually doing here?'"

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