UK provides extra £30m humanitarian support for Syria

David Cameron announced that the UK would provide an extra £30 million of humanitarian support for the victims of the Syrian crisis, during a joint press conference with US President Barack Obama.

The Prime Minister also pledged an extra £10 million in non-lethal support to strengthen the Syrian opposition.

Violence in Syria has led to widespread humanitarian suffering and created more than a million refugees, meaning the effects of the conflict are being felt right across the region.

Britain has already been providing food, clothes, shelter and medical care to Syrians in need.

This extra £30 million will allow us to continue this vital support for longer.

Other countries now need to ensure they fulfil their pledges and show their commitment to people affected by the crisis, and the Government of Syria and all parties must give aid workers access to help the most vulnerable in all areas of the country.

– International Development Secretary Justine Greening

This latest support takes the UK’s total contribution to the Syria humanitarian crisis to £170 million.