'Vicious sexual predators' fail to accept any responsibility

The men who have been convicted have still failed to accept any responsibility for their crimes. They are nothing less than vicious sexual predators. The jury saw through their fabrications and they must now face the consequences of their actions. And I thank the jury too for their careful attention and deliberation in this case.

These cases are, in effect, organised crime and we approached it in the same way we would approach any organised crime case by making connections and building an understanding of perpetrator networks.

I urge any victims of sexual offences to come forward and report their abuse. We will support you in giving evidence so that your attackers can be brought to justice and others like you can be saved from the horrific ordeal of abuse.

I very much hope the verdicts provide some comfort for the victims of this case and for their families, and help them to move on and rebuild their lives.

– Crown Prosecution Service