Jolie 'grateful and overwhelmed by public support'

New York Times columnist Nick Kristof said he has spoken to Angelina Jolie and the actress is "grateful and overwhelmed by the outpouring of public support" following the news she had undergone a double mastectomy.


I've spoken to Angelina Jolie several times in last few days, and she has been so strong, so brave, so determined.


Angelina Jolie also asked me to thank everyone: She is SO grateful and overwhelmed by the outpouring of public support.


And she's thrilled and grateful to see people taking this and having serious, empowering discussions of women's health.


Brad Pitt: Angelina is 'heroic'

Brad Pitt described his partner Angelina Jolie as "heroic" after the actress revealed she underwent a double mastectomy to reduce her risk of breast cancer.