Man dribbling to Brazil killed in road incident

This photograph was posted on Richard Swanson's 'Breakaway Brazil' Facebook page along with a note about his death. Credit: Facebook / Breakaway Brazil

A US man less than two weeks into a planned journey to dribble a football from his home city of Seattle to Brazil, the host nation for the 2014 World Cup, has died after being struck by a car in Oregon, police and the man's supporters said.

Richard Swanson, 42, was hit as he walked on the shoulder of a road on the outskirts of Lincoln City just east of the Oregon coast, said Lincoln City Police Sergeant Randy Weaver.

Swanson's football was found nearby, Weaver said.

Swanson's death was mourned in a post on the Facebook page titled "Breakaway Brazil," which he had used to document his planned journey.

It was supposed to culminate with his arrival in Brazil in time for the World Cup, which begins in June 2014.