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Google 'devious over tax bill'

Google was branded devious, calculating and unethical as furious MPs stepped up pressure on the internet giant over its efforts to shelter its multi-billion profits from UK taxes.

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Amazon could make second tax committee appearance

Today's scheduled Google grilling comes as the chairwoman of the committee, Margaret Hodge, revealed that Amazon also faced being hauled back to explain its financial dealings.

A Guardian investigation claimed its company filings showed its main UK company paid £3.2 million in corporation tax on sales of £320 million last year while the Seattle-based group told investors its 2012 UK sales were £4.2 billion.

Mrs Hodge told the Guardian:

My committee has real concerns about the extent to which companies like Amazon are stretching the rules in order to avoid paying their fair share in tax.

By any measure of common sense Amazon appears to have a proper established presence in the UK, and that there is a discrepancy between some of the evidence in this report about its activities in the UK and what the committee was told by Amazon when they appeared before us last year.

We will now consider whether we need to recall them to explain that discrepancy.

A report last December by the committee accused both companies, along with Starbucks, of "immorally" minimising their UK tax bills.

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