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Google 'devious over tax bill'

Google was branded devious, calculating and unethical as furious MPs stepped up pressure on the internet giant over its efforts to shelter its multi-billion profits from UK taxes.

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Amazon paid £3m tax on £4bn UK sales

  • Amazon's main UK subsidiary paid just £3.2m in tax last year, according to official accounts, despite overall UK sales of £4.2bn.
  • Amazon's taxes for last year are only marginally higher than the £2.5m the company received in government grants during the year.
  • The company's tax bill was £1.9m in 2011, but these sums may not actually be paid to HMRC because of cumulative losses across the Amazon group.
  • Amazon employed 4,191 people at the end of 2012 in the UK but reduced payments to the British government by routing sales via a subsidiary in Luxembourg.
  • The UK company declared a turnover of £320m for 2012, up 50% on 2011.
  • However, its income is largely raised from other Amazon companies in return for services such as warehousing and distribution and negotiating purchasing deals with book publishers.

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