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Cancer patients 'left hungry'

An "alarming" number of cancer patients are left to go hungry in hospitals and want to drop out of treatment because of the way they were dealt with by staff, a charity has warned.

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Patient: I was so hungry as I'd not eaten for 24 hours

Breast cancer survivor Vicky Ayech, said she had not eaten for 24 hours when she was in hospital for surgery on her breast.

The 67-year-old from Hertfordshire added:

I was taken up to the ward by 8.30pm after surgery on my breast - I was so hungry as I'd not eaten for 24 hours.

I was given a menu but didn't get any food until 11pm, and then it was only bread and jam.

After such an experience with nurses busy and impatient, I got myself discharged the next morning, earlier than was wise in retrospect.

– Breast cancer survivor Vicky Ayech

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