1. Chris Ship

Why did an MP tweet that God must be a Eurosceptic?

An MP tweeted this morning that "God must be a Eurosceptic", why did he tweet that?

The Union Jack pictured behind the European Union flag in London. Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Archive

Well, because you had a ballot that had 500 names on it and not only was it a Conservative MP that came out as number one, it was a Tory MP who supported the mini-rebellion last night, saying that a vote on the European referendum should have been included in the Queen's Speech.

That MP is James Wharton and he has confirmed he will pick-up the Conservative draft bill on an EU referendum and plans to take it through Parliament.

It is a step forward in turning this into law but there are still plenty of obstacles, remember this draft legislation is Conservative-only. It is not government legislation because the Liberal Democrats do not support this.

It will not get government time, it risks being spoken out, but the Prime Minister said he is "very pleased" this MP will continue and support this legislation and plans to take it through.

The bad news for all of us, is that the Tories won't stop talking about Europe.