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April grandparents' hanging call

April Jones' grandparents have said her killer Mark Bridger should be hanged. Bridger was found guilty of the kidnap and murder of April last week.

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  1. Emily Morgan - ITV News Correspondent

Mark Bridger: 'I tried to get a pulse' on April's arm

In an interview with police, Mark Briger told officers that he had accidently knocked five-year-old April Jones over.

He said: "I'd seen my vehicle was pushed up against the body of a child, her torso was under the car..I got out of the vehicle.

"I saw a body, a little person's body..I leant down and I've got my hand under her bum and she's totally limp".

Mark Bridger's Land Rover

When asked if there was any blood, Bridger said: "Not that I remember seeing or feeling".

DC Thomas then asked him, "What are you thinking at this point?"

Bridger replied: "I've killed her... I tried to get a pulse on her little arm".

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