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Pakistani politician shot dead

Gunmen have shot and killed a senior member of a leading Pakistani political party outside her home in the city of Karachi in southern Sindh province.

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Pakistan holds repeat election in Karachi despite killing

Pakistan held a repeat election today in an affluent area of Karachi plagued with allegations of vote-rigging, despite the killing of a senior member of Imran Khan's political party.

An army soldier guards ballot boxes inside a polling station. Credit: REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro

Queues of men and women formed outside ballot centres across the southern city, which were heavily guarded by armed police and soldiers.

People queuing outside a polling station in Karachi, southern Pakistan. Credit: Reuters TV

The vote follows the killing of the PTI's Vice President Zara Shahid Hussain, who was gunned down outside her home in Karachi yesterday.

An army soldier stands guard on a road leading to a polling station in Karachi. Credit: REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro

No one has claimed responsibility for the killing.

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