Abu Qatada's bail appeal denied at immigration tribunal

Abu Qatada's lawyer has today described him as a "proud and dignified man". Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Radical cleric Abu Qatada's bid to be released from custody following the revoking of his bail has been refused.

The terror suspect, who recently pledged to voluntarily leave Britain after years of fighting deportation, was jailed in Belmarsh prison in March when his bail was revoked.

Requesting his release from custody at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission, Qatada's lawyer Daniel Friedman QC said his client was a "proud and dignified man" who "has been deprived of his liberty more than any other non-convicted person in British history".

Qatada allegedly breached bail conditions which prevent him from turning mobile phones and possessing other communication devices at his home in London.

Earlier this month, it emerged the controversial preacher is willing to return to the Middle East when a treaty between the UK and Jordan is ratified by both countries.