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GPs: Govt 'meddling in A&E'

The Health Secretary is to say that every patient should have a doctor responsible for their care 24/7 later today. But the British Medical Association said doctors are not prepared to shore up the A&E system left unsafe by "political meddling."

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Care reform is 'good idea in theory' but 'unworkable'

Dr John Hughes, a general practitioner from Manchester, said the Government's care reform is a "good idea in theory", but in practice it is totally "unworkable".

He said: "We're seeing twice as many patients as we were six years ago so we are all working to capacity and I'm not sure these proposals will make any difference at all, if anything they may actually worsen waiting times."

"If people have an individual GP that GP has other work to do as well", he added, "we can't be there 24/7 365 days a year, it's simply not physically possible."

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