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Month since Dhaka collapse

It has been a month since more than 1,100 people were killed and more than 2,500 injured after the eight-storey Rana Plaza factory building near Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed on April 24.

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Primark to offer short term aid to all Dhaka victims

High street retailer Primark has announced it will provide short term financial assistance to victims of the Dhaka garment factory collapse. In a statement it announced the following measures:

  • Short-term financial aid will be made available to all workers/ or their families and dependents in the building, for a period of six weeks. They hope to start making the payments within seven days
  • A long-term financial compensation package for employees working in their supplier factory is being worked "as fast as possible"
  • The food aid programme currently supporting 1,000 families a week will continue

A company spokesman said:

The company was the first brand to acknowledge that its suppliers were housed in the Rana Plaza complex. The company was the first brand to commit to paying compensation to workers and their dependents. And the company was the first UK brand to sign up to the Accord on building and fire safety.

The company is now extending help to workers who made clothing for its competitors. And the company is working as fast as possible to devise a scheme to provide long-term, secure assistance to workers in its supplier factory.

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