Fears for UK wildlife after 'stark warning'

Wildlife in the UK is "in trouble", as almost 2,000 species of birds, animals, insects and plants are known to have declined in the past 50 years.

Some 60% of 3,148 British species studied have seen a reduction in numbers or range, with almost a third (31%) suffering major declines, according to a new report by a coalition of conservation and research organisations.

The report is being launched by Sir David Attenborough: "This ground-breaking report is a stark warning - but it is also a sign of hope.

Bluebells in Wanstead Park, East London. Credit: Jeff Moore/Jeff Moore/Empics Entertainment

"For 60 years I have travelled the world exploring the wonders of nature and sharing that wonder with the public. But as a boy my first inspiration came from discovering the UK's own wildlife.

"Our islands have a rich diversity of habitats which support some truly amazing plants and animals.

"We should all be proud of the beauty we find on our own doorstep.

"This report shows that our species are in trouble, with many declining at a worrying rate."