Google branded 'devious' over tax bill by MPs

Last week Google was branded "devious," "calculating" and "unethical," as furious MPs stepped up pressure on the internet giant over its efforts to shelter its multi-billion profits from UK taxes.

The internet giant denied trying to "disguise" the way its business operated to minimise its tax bill in the UK.

Google UK boss Matt Brittin insisted he stood by evidence he gave last year that all the firm's advertising in Europe was sold through its offices in Ireland.

Google UK boss Matt Brittin appears before MPs.

Committee chairman Margaret Hodge said his claims were contradicted by documentation MPs had seen and evidence from a "stream" of whistleblowers.

Mr Brittin said the evidence related to the period before he joined the company six and half years ago and that suggestions that Google was trying to "disguise" the way it operated were "just not true".

"I stand by what I said. I described very clearly how we operate," he said.