Post Office workers due to go on strike

Thousands of workers in the country's biggest Post Offices are due to stage a fresh strike tomorrow in a long-running row over branch closures, jobs and pay.

Members of the Communication Workers Union at the Crown offices will launch their fifth day of industrial action. It comes after the failure of talks last week to try to resolve the dispute.

The union is opposed to plans to close or franchise 76 Crown offices, the larger branches usually based in High Streets, saying 800 jobs will be affected. The two sides are also in dispute over pay.

There's growing unrest within the Post Office and it's time that management responded to workers' concerns.

There is massive public opposition to the closure and franchise plans and Post Office management have had to admit that their figures on our pay claim were wrong.

They cannot continue to plough blindly ahead with deeply unpopular and unnecessary plans.

– Dave Ward, CWU deputy general secretary