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Lawyers' warning over lads mags

Campaigners are warning high street retailers to remove magazines that display naked and near-naked images on their covers or face the risk of legal action.

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Retailers' lads' mag warning: Your views

You've been telling us what you think of today's call to retailers to ban lads' mags with naked or near-naked women on the cover:

Finally decency prevails: Childhood restored little girls and boys are not subjected to women as sexual objects.

– Arlene Fraser

They should have a plain cover with the name of mag on it

– Mary Challoner

We have been through this many times before. This is why the top shelf was originally made to accommodate them. They then put them into plastic covers. Now put them into plain covers with just the name on. The women on these covers happily accept payment for the photos. Is this double standards?

– Robert Taylor

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