Hodgson asks fans for calm ahead of England game

Roy Hodgson Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Wire/Press Association Images

England manager Roy Hodgson has written to ticket holders for Wednesday's friendly against Ireland asking them to behave, in the first meeting between the teams since English supporters caused the abandonment of a match in Dublin in 1995.

The Dublin friendly 18 years ago was stopped after 27 minutes when England fans rioted by ripping out seats and throwing them towards the pitch. Their motive was hatred of the IRA, and the FA fears IRA chanting at this week's fixture at Wembley.

In the email, Hodgson writes: "Ahead of the Ireland fixture, on behalf of the FA, I would like to ask our supporters to please respect our opponents and welcome them in the right way.

"Wembley is considered the world over as the home of football and we ask those attending not to take part in any chanting - particularly of a religious or political perspective - which could cause offence to our visitors or fellow fans.