Majority think viewing abuse images leads to abusing

An ITV News Index poll has revealed that the majority of the public agree there is a link between viewing online abuse images and committing child abuse crimes. The figures show:

  • 79% of the public agree that there us a link between viewing online abuse images and crimes committed against children by those viewing images of child abuse
  • 71% of those interviewed believe the Government should filter out all pornographic content, unless people specifically opt-in
  • 41% of people agree it is impossible for national governments to police availability of child abuse images
  • 49% think indecent images of children are more common than they were 5 years ago
  • 69% think children in the UK are less safe as a result of the spread of indecent images of children online


Poll urges online image control

An ITV News/ComRes Poll has revealed that 73% of people want all pornographic content online to be automatically filtered out by their internet provider, with customers having to opt in if they want to view it.