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Boris 'confident' of PM win

Boris Johnson said he was backing David Cameron "all the way" and was "increasingly confident" the Prime Minister would win the 2015 election for the Tories, amid fresh claims about his party leadership ambitions.

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Miliband appointing Balls 'the gift that keeps on giving'

Andy Coulson, Downing Street's former spin doctor, has compared the relationship between Ed Miliband and shadow chancellor Ed Balls to the "shamefully dysfunctional" Tony Blair and Gordon Brown partnership when Labour were in power.

Ed Miliband (left) and shadow chancellor Ed Balls. Credit: PA

He wrote in GQ: "The prime minister should pray Ed Balls remains shadow chancellor until the election. Appointing him as George's (Osborne) opposite number was the Miliband gift that will keep on giving...

"The Tories must look for the divisions and make the most of them a) because they are most certainly real - always a plus - and b) because it's history repeating itself. We are in this hole at least in part because of the shamefully dysfunctional Blair/Brown relationship.

"Labour's Two Eds dislike each other and each thinks he is smarter than the other.

"The Conservatives should imagine in some detail how it would work if they actually won...and share that vision with the British public."

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