April Jones' parents: Bridger has 'put a hole in our hearts'

In an interview with the Sun Aprils Jones' parents have spoken about the impact of the five-year-old's death after Mark Bridger was sentenced today to life in prison for her murder.

Although both Coral and her husband Paul never use his name, they both label Mark Bridger "evil."

Carol told the paper: "He's put a hole in our heart. He's ripped a happy family apart.

Paul and Coral Jones called Mark Bridger 'evil'. Credit: The Sun

"We don't talk about him, because he's not worth our breath. He's just evil. He's wrecked our family as it is. We've got a family wrecked. Our friends our neighbours have all been hurt by this.

"And he's not just wrecked our lives, he's wrecked our children, my mum, my dad, my brother hasn't seen her since she was born. It has hurt loads of people."

Paul added that moving on has proved difficult for the family; "we're a strong family, but even so it is very very difficult.