Luis Suarez says he wants to leave Liverpool

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has confirmed he wants to leave the club claiming he does not feel "comfortable here anymore".

The Uruguayan striker told a press conference it was a good time for a change of environment, arguing that he has not "been judged as a player but based on other things".

"It is a difficult moment for me, my coach and my colleagues know that they (the media ) didn't treat me well. Because of the paparazzi I could not go in my garden, I could not go to the supermarket."

The £24 million striker says he wants to leave because of his family and image. Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Suarez insisted his current club has nothing to do with his unhappiness:

"It's nothing against Liverpool, on the contrary, I feel very comfortable at the club, but I have a daughter and I do not want to hear bad things about her father.

"My reason for leaving is not the money. It's my family and image. I don't feel comfortable here anymore."

Suarez's future has been subject to intense speculation since his 10-game ban for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic.