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BA engine doors 'left unlatched'

An interim report says engine-covering doors on both engines on the smoke-trailing British Airways plane in last week's Heathrow landing drama had been left unlatched during maintenance.

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'Passengers have the right to expect safe travel'

The initial report from the AAIB on the emergency landing of BA flight 762 contains serious findings. The industry must act immediately to take the appropriate safety action and ensure that all lessons are learnt from what has happened. Airline passengers have the right to expect to travel safely and it is the responsibility of all involved in aviation to make sure that happens.

I would like to thank the AAIB for their hard work in producing the initial report. They must now be allowed to continue with their investigation and when the final report is complete the relevant authorities will need to consider any further action necessary, in line with the recommendations.

– Patrick McLoughlin, Transport Secretary

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