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Westminster protests: 58 arrests

Police said 58 people from United Against Facism have been arrested during protests at Westminster. The group was protesting at the same time as members of the BNP, who called for the Government to act against Islamist hate preachers.

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Regiment attacks groups for 'exploiting' Lee Rigby

The regiment of the murdered soldier Drummer Lee Rigby has called it "wrong and disgraceful" that members of organisations have allegedly seized on his death as a reason to hold rallies.

A statement on the Facebook page of the Fusiliers Association North East reads:

It is wrong and disgraceful that the death of one of our own should be exploited in this manner and that dishonour, by wrongful association, is brought onto the Regiment.

We are to remain dignified with our heads held high and respect Fusilier Rigby in the way we have all our dead; with honour and pride.

We will pay our respects in the correct manner and remember him as a band of brothers.

Anger and revenge are understandable emotions but they achieve nothing other than fostering hatred. We are not to be moved from what we know is the right path.

– I R Liles OBE Brigadier (Retd)

In a separate message circulated to all regimental associations by Army HQ, soldiers are warned against "wearing regimental headdress or accoutrements" if they attend protests.

It says that soldiers "may not recognise the threat to the Army’s reputation if they are perceived to be supporting the EDL’s inflammatory agenda".

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