Eyewitness on small plane crash: 'There was a big pop'

An eyewitness has described the scene as a plane crashed into a garden in Cheltenham earlier today.

Jeannie Bowers, 46, was standing in her partner's garden when she saw the incident unfold:

I was just making a coffee and I heard a plane in trouble. I looked up and there was a big pop and banging sound and then a whoosh of air.

The parachute went up and the plane slowly came down towards the ground gently turning and hanging from this parachute just towards me.

No one was hurt and it managed to miss every single building - the shed, the summer house and greenhouse.

It's just amazing how its come down and no one was hurt. It was very, very surreal. I can still see it coming down now.

It was a very strange experience and I am just glad no one was hurt.