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Privatisation 'failed' railways

Rail privatisation has led to the UK having the most expensive fares in Europe, older trains and serious overcrowding, and train operating companies entirely reliant on public subsidies, according to a new report commissioned by the TUC.

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Department for Transport: 'Rail privatisation works'

The Department for Transport has rejected a TUC report, which claimed that privatisation failed to deliver for rail users and taxpayers and had brought in little private sector investment. A spokesman said:

We do not accept the TUC's analysis of the rail industry.

The fact is privatisation works. It has transformed an industry that was in decline into one that is providing record numbers of journeys for record numbers of passengers and is one of the safest in Europe.

We are currently embarking on the biggest programmes of rail investment ever with work beginning to electrify much of the network, the procurement of over 2,000 new carriages and the upgrade of stations across the network.

This has only been made possible by successive governments working closely with an innovative private sector.

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