Ex service members to be fast tracked into teaching

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said MoD plans to make it is easier for former service members to train to become teachers would benefit veterans.

This new initiative will be beneficial not only to the veterans who are able to undertake a new and challenging career, but also to the young people who will learn from teachers that possess unique expertise in areas such as leadership, problem-solving, and adaptability.

A career in the Armed Forces provides skills and experience you cannot gain anywhere else, and I would encourage anyone leaving the Services to take the opportunity to pass on their invaluable knowledge and instill respect, discipline and pride in the next generation.

In response, Labour's Shadow Education Secretary, Stephen Twigg MP, said the Troops to Teachers programme, which has not yet been launched, had not been devised quickly enough by the Government.

It has taken 3 years for Michael Gove just to launch this scheme, and during that time only a handful of volunteers have come forward - just 1 in 500 trainee teachers, and the number is falling. Labour supports the principle of ex forces training as teachers, but parents will judge this Government on action, not words.