Russell Brand to tour religious show across Middle East

Russell Brand will bring play to Israel, Lebanon and Palestine, as well as Russia, the UK and the US Credit: Press Association

Comedian and actor Russell Brand plans to perform a controversial new comedy show about religion across the Middle East, The Independent reports.

The show, Messiah Complex, centres on a "mental disorder where you think you might be the messiah" and the tour, which kicks off in Abu Dhabi in August, will be dedicated to the four men that are its subject: Che Guevara, Ghandi, Malcolm X and Jesus. He explained:

“I am going to tour the world with Messiah Complex, causing bother and excitement and offering opinions that have not been either solicited or thought through.

"Of course I'll be in English speaking countries (UK, Ireland, US, Canada) but also Scandinavia, Russia, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine; anywhere that will have me to be honest and that are relaxed about free speech.

"As well as theatres I will be appearing in prisons, drug rehabs, social network HQs, universities, nationalist organisations, Mosques, foreclosed houses, protest sites, Synagogues and in people’s private homes.”