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PM: UK to lead hunger fight

David Cameron said Britain must "lead from the front" and help beat world hunger. He spoke ahead of a protest rally in Hyde Park which demanded the G8 act on the issue. Bill Gates and Danny Boyle addressed the rally.

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PM: Britain has 'proud tradition' of helping others

Prime Minister David Cameron said the UK has "a proud tradition of helping others" ahead of next week's G8 summit.

Mr Cameron told a nutrition summit in London: "We're the kind of people who believe in doing what is right.

David Cameron said fundraising events like Red Nose Day are a 'proud tradition' in the UK. Credit: John Stillwell/PA Wire

"We accept the moral case for keeping our promises to the world's poorest people, even when we face challenges at home.

"Think of Band Aid and Live Aid. Think of Red Nose Day. It says something about the sort of people that we are. This makes me proud to be British".

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