Cameron identifies Britain's 'national weakness'

In a speech today, Prime Minister David Cameron will establish key dividing lines with Labour over policy and the direction of the coalition government.

He is to say:

We have identified, very clearly, our key areas of national weakness compared to the rest of the world.

One - our debt-fuelled, unbalanced economy. Two - our bloated welfare system. Three - our under-performing education system.

These are the priorities that define and drive our domestic agenda. A stronger economy. Welfare that works. A world-class education system. And we are pursuing them with ruthless ambition for everyone in this country.

Mr Cameron will cite changes to the planning system, the welfare shake-up and restrictions on non-EU migration among the coalition's achievements.

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PM defends EU membership

Prime Minister David Cameron said membership of international organisations such as NATO, the United Nations and the EU is "not a national vanity - it is in our national interest".