Syrian army claim battle victory in crucial city of Aleppo

Dozens of Syrian rebels were killed and hundreds were injured in a military operation to regain control of the crucial city of Aleppo dubbed the "Storm of the North", Syrian official sources claimed today.

The battle came five days after the army and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah seized the city of Qusair in western Syria, and could be a sign of reversing momentum in the conflict.

Control of Aleppo has been divided between rebels and Assad loyalists for the past year Credit: REUTERS/George Ourfalian

“Almost a hundred terrorists and salafists were killed at the start of the operation," a top security officer said on condition his name would not be used.

“The Storm of the North operation will continue until all Aleppo is liberated from all the terrorists and killers. Nothing is going to stop us."

Aleppo, Syria’s largest metropolis, has been divided into rebel-held and loyalist-controlled sections for a year.