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More exams in GCSE shake-up

Michael Gove has unveiled plans for a reform of the GCSE system with less emphasis on coursework and more on exams.

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Labour: Pupils and parents will be concerned

Labour's Shadow Education Secretary said parents and pupils will be concerned by the "uncertainty" that Michael Gove has created around GCSEs.

"Pupils and parents will be concerned by the uncertainty that Michael Gove has created around GCSEs. Having first talked down their value and then failed in his attempt to scrap them, the Education Secretary is having another go at setting out his plans.

Shadow education secretary Stephen Twigg responds to Education Secretary Michael Gove's statement Credit: Press Association Images

"We need changes to assessments in schools that will strengthen rigour and reflect the best ways of testing skills and knowledge. Encouraging more shallow learning of facts alone will not help young people to be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow. This will take us backwards.

"Michael Gove has had plenty of chances to bring forward evidence-informed policies but I fear he has not learnt from past mistakes. He keeps failing because he hasn't got a thought through plan to improve exams."

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