Cameron defends Government's employment record

David Cameron defended the Government's "good record" on jobs today amid Labour claims that he is ignoring the cost-of-living crisis facing workers.

During angry exchanges during Prime Minister's Questions in the Commons, Ed Miliband said real wages had fallen by an average of more than £1,300 because of salary freezes and the soaring cost of living.

The Prime Minister suggested the Government's employment record merited "respect" Credit: PA

Mr Cameron said: "They want to talk down our economy. To pick a day like today - more people in work, unemployment down, youth unemployment down, the claimant count down - not one word of respect for that good agenda on jobs."


UK 'unprecedented' wage fall

Wages have fallen by more in real terms during the current economic downturn than ever previously recorded. Research shows one-third of workers who stayed in the same post following the recession suffered a cut or freeze in their wages in 2010-11.