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UK 'unprecedented' wage fall

Wages have fallen by more in real terms during the current economic downturn than ever previously recorded. Research shows one-third of workers who stayed in the same post following the recession suffered a cut or freeze in their wages in 2010-11.

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How the 'unprecedented' fall in wages is affecting you

As new research showed that UK wages have fallen more than ever, we asked readers of the ITV News Facebook page how they had been affected.

Many concurred that their wages had fallen in real terms, with Heidi Bashford saying: "Mine have been frozen for five years... shame that food prices aren't frozen."

Many UK workers are feeling the pinch amid a raft of pay freezes Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Mary Challoner said: "Mine have been frozen since 2011, a pay rise would be lovely but I know it ain't happening."

Shirley Barbeary added: "My wages were frozen for two years, then redundancy last June."

And even some pay rises were not as lucrative as they seemed, explained Christina Price Pakes: "My husband has just had a so-called pay rise, but they got rid of the weekly bonus so actually (he) had a pay cut of £20 a week."

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