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Sandy Hook mum's gun law vow

On the eve of the six month anniversary since a man shot dead 20 children and six teachers in Sandy Hook elementary school in Newton, Connecticut, the mother of a murdered six-year-old British boy tells ITV News of her fight for greater gun control.

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'I talk about guns with my friends at school'

For young people in parts of America, guns are a normal and regular part of everyday life.

Mallory Tate, 12

"I got my first gun when I was five or six. I went on safaris in Africa and as I grew up went on rabbit hunts.

"Even when I go to school I can have a conversation with my best friend about a gun or what I shot this weekend."

Mallory Tate was taught about guns from a young age by her father. Credit: ITV

Morgan Lingdon, 13

"This is such a big part of my life. I shoot every Thursday night and I'm going to be shooting every weekend. I just love the sport."

Morgan Lingdon attends a shooting competition in Pheonix, Arizona. Credit: ITV

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