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Cameron's Armed Forces vow

The PM has said difficult decisions have had to be made on the defence budget after the head of the Army warned about any further cuts. Six more government departments have agreed to budget cuts as the Treasury seeks to find £11.5bn worth of savings

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Counter terrorism 'protected' ahead of Spending Review

The Government has announced new plans to protect the Police’s counter terrorism capabilities in 2015/16, ahead of the Spending Review.

The Treasury also announced that six further provisional Spending Round settlements have been agreed.

These include: Home Office, DEFRA, DCMS, Scotland Office, Wales Office and the Law Officers Department (incorporating CPS, TSOL and SFO).

With 12 days to go, only 10 departments remain to be settled.

Today’s provisional settlements show we continue to make real progress towards the savings we need while protecting priority areas.

Counter terrorism policing is a crucial part of our national security and I took no convincing of the need to protect this area.

Given recent events in Woolwich, we cannot compromise on our national security.

None of the spending choices we make are easy, but ensuring the UK can pay its way in the world is vital to our long terms prosperity.

Settling over half of Departments with two weeks to go shows how committed the whole of Government is to dealing with the deficit.

– Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury

The six provisional settlements amount to:

  • Savings of £1.1bn towards the £11.5bn savings target announced at Budget 2013.
  • Taken with the near £1.5bn savings delivered at Budget and the £1bn of savings delivered in the first phase of settlements means, this brings total savings to £3.6bn, nearly a third of the way towards the £11.5bn.
  • Around 8% of their combined budgets.

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